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Czech Republic

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Na Zlaté Stoce 1619, CZ 370 05 České Budějovice




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Jan Jareš

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Non-profit organization AgEnDa was founded in 2003 in order to support renewable energy sources utilization on regional level, to raise awareness about environmental friendly technologies and to create a communication platform for R&D and business sector. Since its origin AgEnDa has implemented number of national and international projects aiming at renewable energy sources utilization, technology transfers and support to cooperation between R&D and industry.

Regional energy data/statistics, description of regional situation

South Bohemia region is not self-sufficient in extraction and production of primary fuels and energy. Apart from biomass all primary sources are being imported through easily accessible transit network. Majority of households uses district heating (33,8%) followed by natural gas for heating (22,6%). Solid fuels (coal and timber) are used for heating above national average (14,8%). As for electricity consumption, in 2014 3104,1 GWh has been mainly used by industry (share of 21,3%) and by households (share of 37,8%).