Topics: CEE, End user, Local, Municipality, National, Economy, Energy, Environment, Society, Transport, Learning, Planning, Teaching
PANEL2050 partners conducted 43 trainings with 1302 local stakeholders coming from the targeted regions of PANEL2050. The trainings have been reported by the local PANEL2050 partners. CEESEN_trainings_report_Macedonia CEESEN_trainings_report_Poland CEESEN_trainings_report_Slovenia CEESEN_trainings_report_Bulgaria CEESEN_trainings_report_Czech CEESEN_trainings_report_Estonia CEESEN_trainings_report_Hungary CEESEN_trainings_report_Lithuania CEESEN_trainings_report_Latvia  

PANEL 2050 Reports of the Regional Trainings

Topics: Local, Municipality, Energy, Environment, Learning, Teaching
PANEL2050 partners conducted the regional trainings to increase the energy visioning and roadmapping capacity of local stakeholders. The document compiles the training materials used during the trainings in Poland poland1 poland2 poland3 poland4 poland5 poland6 poland7 poland8

Teaching Materials of Regional Trainings in Poland

Type: Regional Energy ProfilePublisher: LEA Spodnje PodravjeYear of release: 2018Number of pages: 37Topics: Local, Economy, Energy, Environment, Society, Transport, Learning, Policy
The present Regional Energy Profile was prepared in order to get a better understanding of the energy-related status quo in the region of Podravje, analysing strengths and challenges with regard to the transition towards a low carbon community. This energy profile constitutes the groundwork for the preparation of a Regional Energy Roadmap and related Action […]


Type: REGIONAL ENERGY PROFILEPublisher: Vidzeme Planning RegionYear of release: January 2018Number of pages: 51Topics: CEE, Local, Municipality, Economy, Energy, Environment, Society, Transport, Learning, Planning, Policy
Vidzeme is the territorially largest of the five planning regions in Latvia, occupying 23.6 % of the country’s territory. The Vidzeme Planning Region is the „greenest” region in Latvia, if the main criteria is the use of the renewable energy resources in the production of heat and electricity. In Vidzeme in incineration facilities (boiler houses, industry […]

REGIONAL ENERGY PROFILE: Vidzeme Planning Region, Latvia

Type: guidebookPublisher: CEESENYear of release: 2017Year of update: 2017Number of pages: 124Number of figures: 23Number of tables: 15Topics: CEE, End user, EU, Global, Local, Municipality, National, Economy, Energy, Environment, Society, Transport, Advocacy, Learning, Planning, Policy, Teaching, Technology
The aim of current guidebook is to provide guidance on how organisations can develop efficient energy advocacy activities, including stakeholder engagement, roadmapping, marketing and communications, fundraising and policy analysis. These skills will empower and enhance the co-operation in the sustainable energy sector. Finding a path towards sustainable development will require the pooling of diverse perspectives, […]

Advocating for Sustainable Energy in Central and Eastern Europe

Type: docPublisher: PANEL 2050 ConsortiumYear of release: 2018Year of update: 2018Number of pages: 11Topics: CEE, Economy, Energy, Environment, Society, Transport, Learning, Planning, Policy
Roadmap guide regarding WP3 Roadmaping PANEL 2050 activity

Roadmap guide

Type: Excel toolPublisher: ConPlusUltraYear of release: 2017Topics: Local, Municipality, Energy, Transport, Planning
This Excel tool presents a methodology for devising a Regional Energy Profile – an energy baseline on regional/local level – and offers a standardised presentation of the results.

Tool for developing a Regional Energy Profile