Peter Rathje

Peter Rathje

Peter Rathje

Peter Rathje is the Managing Director (CEO) for the ProjectZero Company, a public private partnership driving the implementation of the ProjectZero vision in the city of Sonderborg.

From 2007 and until the completion of the Frank Gehry Masterplan for Sonderborg Harbour Company in 2009, he was also in charge of the master plan creation-process. The GEHRY project is focused on turning a 50.000 m2 old harbor area into a vibrant ZEROcarbon community.

Until accepting his present position in 2007, he has been CEO of several SME companies and living abroad. During the last 25 years Peter Rathje has been an active board-member of University research committees, business schools, university colleges etc. Peter Rathje has also been chairman/board-member of private companies, industry associations and employer’s organization in Denmark and abroad.

About ProjectZero and Sonderborg/Denmark:

Sonderborg is located in the south of Denmark, near the Danish/German border. Sonderborg has 76.000 citizens and several global high-tech companies have their headquarters in Sonderborg. Sonderborg is a SmartCity lighthouse-city in the EU H2020 SmartEnCity project. Learn more about this project here:

The ProjectZero public private climate transition partnership was started in 2007 and is today a major rolemodel for transitioning small and medium sized cities to ZEROcarbon communities.  Learn more about ProjectZero here: