Civil society in sustainable energy transition in Central and Eastern Europe (read more)

Bronis Ropé, European Parliament

Topic: Energy transition in the European Union and in Central and Eastern Europe

  • Structural changes in energy sector in Central and Eastern Europe since the fall of the Iron Curtain
  • Municipal energy policies – best practices of the city of Ignalina (Lithuania) in turning into an energy efficient, green, local energy consumer and insights on key preconditions to foster local energy initiatives
  • The future energy mix for Europe
  • New challenges and possibilities for local actors in the field of energy


Alex Mason, WWF European Policy Office, Brussels

Topic: New governance of the Energy Union

  • EU Governance – an overview
  • Issues raised by WWF


Wendel Trio, CAN Europe

Topic: Advocating for the energy transition in Central and Eastern European countries 


Borislav Sandov, Climate Action Coalition, Bulgaria

Crucial inclusion of civil society for energy transition in Central and Eastern Europe

  • The “dark side” of conventional energy in Central and Eastern Europe
  • The crucial role of civil society for braking down energy cliches and taboos
  • Good practices of bottom-up approaches and knowledge sharing across the region
  • The importance of networking and engagement process for energy transition


Moderated by Aleš Vlk