Parallel sessions on Sustainable Energy Planning (read more)

Parallel session on Sustainable Energy Planning will introduce the different stages of developing the energy Roadmaps for 2050. The sessions are introducing the process of preparing the Roadmaps, engaging the stakeholders, implementing the planned activities (implementation is the main focus of next parallel session) etc.


Peter Rathje, ProjectZero, Sonderborg Municipality, Denmark

Topic: ProjectZero 

The ProjectZero presentation will focus on how the Danish Municipality of Sonderborg plan and act to achieve carbon neutrality by 2029.

  • How the Danish Municipality of Sonderborg plan and act to achieve carbon neutrality by 2029.
    How was the ProjectZero project started?
  • How does Sonderborg successfully engage its citizens and the business sectors?
  • What are the results and challenges?

About ProjectZero and Sonderborg/Denmark:

Sonderborg is located in the south of Denmark, near the Danish/German border. Sonderborg has 76,000 citizens and several global high-tech companies have their headquarters in Sonderborg. Sonderborg is a SmartCity lighthouse-city in the EU H2020 SmartEnCity project. Learn more about this project here:

The ProjectZero public private climate transition partnership was started in 2007 and is today a major rolemodel for transitioning small and medium sized cities to ZEROcarbon communities.  Learn more about ProjectZero here:


Jaime Ruiz Huescar, Project R4E, Local Energy Agency of Murcia, Spain

Topic: Roadmaps for energy

  • Innovative methodology for Roadmaps design
  • Examples of vision development for cities for 2050
  • Lessons learned

Roadmaps for Energy (R4E) is an EU funded project under the Horizon 2020 programme that aims to develop a new type of energy strategy through visions and roadmaps for the 8 partner cities, in co-creation with relevant local stakeholders. The project focuses on three areas within the domain of sustainable energy that are closely linked to the municipalities main responsibilities: smart buildings, smart mobility and smart urban spaces.


Nils Daugaard, SEAP – Project ENNEREG, EC Network

Topic: Project ENNEREG

  • Regional SEAP practice and guidelines as developed under ENNEREG project
  • Good practice from the ENNEREG regions

ENNEREG – regions paving way for a sustainable energy Europe is a project in 12 partner regions in Europe. The regions have served as pioneers demonstrating how regions of different characteristics can be a key driving force in fulfilling the European 20-20-20 policy goal. Core elements in this have been the elaboration of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP) in conjunction with supporting the implementation of Sustainable Energy Projects (SEP) in each region.